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Where to find used Engraving Machines

Where to find used Engraving Machines

Whether you want to start your own engraving business or want to engrave your own crafts or hobbies, you may find the cost of a new engraving machine to be a bit out of your price range. A great alternative is to look for a used engraving machine to save money. Finding used machines in good condition can be tricky, though, and it can help to have some ideas of where to start looking. Here are some tips on where to find used engraving machines to get you started.

 Where to find used Engraving Machines

Check Classified Ads:

A good way to start your search is by browsing classified ads in your area. The ads in your local newspaper are a good starting point, although you may need to expand further than that. Try checking online classified sites like Craigslist.org for greater reach. Also consider expanding your search area to include nearby cities and communities that you could drive to and pick up a used engraving machine if you found one.

Check Trade Publications:

There are quite a few engraving magazines and publications and many of them feature a “for sale” section where you might be able to find the perfect used engraving machine. Be sure to act fast if you see an ad for a machine that will work for you, though, since the competition to get these machines is usually pretty high.

Call and Ask:

While you are browsing the classifieds or trade publications, keep your eyes peeled for any ads related to engraving. Take a minute to call or contact the poster of the ad and ask if they happen to have any used machines they could part with.

Shop Online Auctions:

One of the easiest places to find used engraving machines is through online auctions. If there are no auctions currently running for what you need most auction sites allow you to set up alerts that will email you when an item matching your search is posted.

With a little bit of digging you can often find a great deal on an engraving machine that is still in good condition. Shopping around can save you a lot of money and get your business off the ground before you know it.

How to Produce Chainsaw Engraving Artwork

How to Produce Chainsaw Engraving Artwork

Chainsaw engraving produces some very fine artwork. It is probably a very rewarding hobby for the person that does it. But it is probably not an activity that is to be taken lightly. Chainsaws are made to be destructive cutting tools. It should be taken seriously as very serious accidents and injuries are a very real possibility.

How to Produce Chainsaw Engraving Artwork

You should never attempt chainsaw engraving without an experienced companion. It should be a companion that will not distract the beginner while working with a chainsaw.

The Chainsaw:

Selection of the chainsaw should include not trying to use one that is too heavy or too light. Make sure you’re comfortable with the chainsaw. You can purchase carving chainsaws. These will have guide bars with narrow tips. Not like the wider ones on a standard chainsaw.

While you’re still new to chainsaw engraving, you’ll probably need your design drawn out for reference. This will allow you to put more concentration into the chainsaw operation. When you have become more experienced, then you may not need a drawn design. You will be more able to visualize the project at hand.

Keep it simple at first. You will later be able to perform more complex chainsaw engraving with lots of practice. These long hours of practice will make you more comfortable with the equipment and wood types.

To Begin Chainsaw:

If you want to begin chainsaw engraving as a hobby or activity you’ll need some particular equipment. This would include the chainsaw of course and a safety helmet. You will always need to use face shielding or safety goggles at the least. Wear protective gloves and clothing. Chaps are the recommendation for safety clothing. Steel-toe boots are also important safety criteria. You will also need chalk or pen markers, ground stakes or sandbags, wood grade sandpaper, wood oil and a good set of woodcarving knives and chisels.

You have all of the proper equipment now you will want to follow instructions. If there are instructions you do not understand, stop, cut off chainsaw and get clarification. The old saying about “blood, sweat and tears,” definitely has no place in chainsaw engraving. The sweat and even some tears are fine, but you don’t want to lose any blood on this project.

The First Thing You’ll Want To Do:

Now that you’re ready to start chainsaw engraving is secure the log. Most of the wood in chainsaw engraving is stumps, still in the ground. If they are just logs, you’ll want to use ground stakes or sandbags to secure them. Try to mark out your design as much as possible on the wood. Try to use the grain of the wood with the design. Remember, chainsaw engraving is supposed to be artistic.

Stand in a comfortable, but stable stance when chainsaw engraving. You don’t want to lose your balance. Carve out your rough idea of the design, but don’t dig in too deeply. Working in small sections

Engraving the future with automation

Engraving the future with automation

In the 90s it took around 20 minutes to engrave the simple date on a stone with the help of rubber sheet and X- Acto knife, but nowadays it takes only 5 minutes to do the same job.  As per the US Department of labor, most engravers and etchers are using the latest automated tools and it is the most automated occupation in the USA.

Engravers and etchers who have been in the business from the last 20-30 years have shown mixed responses when asked whether they are happy with this automation or not. Some say it is time saving where some say that machines took most of their employment. Everyone has their own story. Richard who is also in the business from a long time says that now he uses a laptop and a special kind of printer to do the engraving. He says that he can engrave anything without spending too much time and labor. Machines are doing most of the work with ease.  It is not the only occupation where automation has been done but other occupations also adapted automation very early. Everyone wants to do their job as early as possible.

There are many engravers who started their business in an old-fashioned way but now using a computer to engrave text not only on but on other metals as well. There was a time when engraving a plaque took around 3-4 hours of time but now it completes in less than 20 minutes. It requires less human work. Another Utah based family who started engraving in 1993 says that their father used hand engraving on stone with stencil method and spent almost a day but now it takes only 45 minutes. Asked from Royal engravers, in 1978 they started the business and when they brought their first computer then they found that by using it, saving 6 employees salary.

Engravers argued that using new technology had increased number of jobs. As per the US Bureau of labor statistic, there is no significant change in the last ten years, in the number of engravers and etchers. Not only number of engravers and etchers but wages of then is also steady. With this steady rate of employment companies view this as an opportunity to cut labor cost. Sometimes people get bored doing the same work again and again but this does not apply to machines. It gives companies more business because machines can do the repetitive job with ease and employees can focus on new businesses.

Before automated machines work could be tedious, “There’s still a lot of artistic stuff that goes into it,” says Dalton. “You just don’t have to spend hours transferring your art to the stone”. Automation worked in engraving but not in all the businesses. Many businesses faced job loss due to automation. Industrial robots took most of the jobs in factories. But experts believe that since we are working on artificial intelligence we will need skilled manpower to work on.

Interesting Things that you didn’t know about Engraving

Interesting Things that you didn’t know about Engraving

Engraving art is one of the common things that you get to hear about in the recent times. However, all of know that engraving is a thing of the past that we still celebrate in the present. In case if you are finding it hard to get with the word ‘engraving’, it technically carries the same meaning as the word, carving. While carving sounds a little old school, engraving is more precise and fits into the modern art world. Here, in this article, we will know more about engraving and some of the interesting things about engraving as well.

Interesting Things that you didn’t know about Engraving

What is engraving?

Engraving is an artwork that involves incising a design with various tools that onto a flat surface that is hard. In the ancient days, it was usually the stone that was used as the base material to etch historical facts in the form of ancient letters and pictures. But today the case is a little different. We have modern tools and equipment that helps us etch designs on almost any hard surface as in a glass, wood, stone, different metals and so on. This is a brief introduction that you have to know about engraving.

Interesting facts about engraving:

So breaking the definition part and history, here are some of the things that you have to know about engraving art.

Engraving is quite cheap today:

No doubt engraving is an art, and it is a professional task, but at the same time today with technology and more number of people involved in it, it has become quite affordable. So if you are looking forward to design stuff with engraving artwork, this is the right time.

Engraving has different shades to it:

Apart from the regular engraving that we are used to seeing as a part of history and films, today there are quite a large number of types of engraving. This makes engraving quite an interesting thing. Another interesting thing is that you can engrave any article that you have. Be it anything right from a flower vase to a grain of rice, and you can crave anything.

It is not hazardous as it used to be:

Today artists are employing much cheaper and eco-friendly ways of engraving articles, and the fear of engraving as it can go hazardous has gone now. Artists are also doing it to the interest of the clients and thereby it is getting more interesting and popular these days. Also, it is important to note that laser isn’t heated anymore so do not worry about the safety of your articles.

Picking the right material:

No matter how things develop and how great we get when it comes to improvising methods, we still have to quite cautious when it comes to choosing the base material on which the artist is supposed to work. Since we are doing it on different materials and employing different techniques, it is imperative to do it in the right combination.


What is a Rotary Engraving Machine?

What is a Rotary Engraving Machine?

A rotary engraver is any type of equipment that allows you to make a mark or engraving on a wide variety of materials.Essentially what a rotary machine does it to make cuts on the surfaces of different materials such as plastic and aluminum, and usually a rotary engraver can be used to make badges, jewelry, signs, and plaques.

What is a Rotary Engraving Machine

Engraving Machines:

Aluminum is a very common material that is used in engraving machines, especially in order to create trophies. The raised lettering or etchings found on metal plaques is done with one of these engraving machines.

So What Are Rotary Engraving Machines Made Out Of?

Usually they are manufactured from carbide’s or high speed steel, both of which are incredibly hard materials that will not become dull easily when you are trying to engrave an object.

Rotary engraving machines also use a wide variety of equipment in order to get their job done such as vacuum pumps, belts, cables, vises, shears, and burnishing accessories to get just the right look on whatever item you are trying to carve. Many rotary engraving machines also use spindles in order to make very exact incisions in a metal object, and the cutter is held securely in place by a clamping device.

One type of common rotary engraver is a top loading cutter, which is placed inside the top spindle and is held in place by a threaded knob. This allows for much more exacting cuts when you are trying to do things such as cut a gemstone or simply want to carve your name into a block of wood.

Rotary Engraving Machines Are Used In:

Rotary engraving machines are used in many facets of the manufacturing process, whether it be making plastic toy that you have bought for your child, or the lettering engraved on your gold class ring. While rotary engravers vary in their purpose and complexity, they play an important role in the manufacturing of the products that we consume on a daily basis, and some people even decide to purchase them for hobby purposes to work on their own specialty hobby projects.

What you Need to know about Engraving

What you Need to know about Engraving

Engravings add character and beauty to any item, and it is one way of personalizing things. Engraving involves the process of carving a structure by designing incisions into the hard surface usually through carving grooves. This results in a beautiful object that is very decorative and unique. Materials like silver, gold, wood, copper, and relief print block may be engraved. Although it requires certain materials and skills to be done, engraving is a skill that is wonderful to know.

What you Need to know about Engraving

The Engraving Process:

The scientific process of engraving involves using a burin or steel to cut the chosen design into the surface. A burin is used because it is capable of creating a steady appearance and creates the design with clean edges. When it comes to harder areas, a different tool needs to be used. This usually calls for the Florentine liner tool that is capable of engraving multiple engravings.

Engraving uses two types of gravers-the flat and the round graver. The former is used for fill work on letters while the latter is used in certain materials such as silver, nickel, and steel. The round gravers are especially popular for the bright cuts they make. If a texturing effect is desired, tools such as roulets, mezzotint rockers, and burnishers are used.

Engravings are particularly useful in paintings, postage stamps, walls, and other items that need to be personalized. Here are several types of engravings and their descriptions.

1. Modern

These are engravings done by hand and are usually used in firearms, weaponry, musical instrument, and jewelry. It is also useful in industrial purposes such as Intaglio plates.

2. Laser

Laser is an easier and a new method in engraving. A laserable material can only be used, and this includes polymer, alloys, plastic, coated metals, stones, glass, and wood. It is capable of producing clean edges and is very easy to do.

3. Music

Music engraving involves drawing music notations. In the past, music sheets were printed on onionskin paper which makes it easy to rectify any mistakes. Now, as technology improves, hand engraving has become a thing of the past. Computers can easily make engraving easier and faster. An orchestral score can easily be printed through some types of computer programs.

Any type of engraving will surely add a touch of personality to any item you desire. Whether it is for your home or office, you will surely get a unique and beautiful décor.