Chainsaw engraving produces some very fine artwork. It is probably a very rewarding hobby for the person that does it. But it is probably not an activity that is to be taken lightly. Chainsaws are made to be destructive cutting tools. It should be taken seriously as very serious accidents and injuries are a very real possibility.

How to Produce Chainsaw Engraving Artwork

You should never attempt chainsaw engraving without an experienced companion. It should be a companion that will not distract the beginner while working with a chainsaw.

The Chainsaw:

Selection of the chainsaw should include not trying to use one that is too heavy or too light. Make sure you’re comfortable with the chainsaw. You can purchase carving chainsaws. These will have guide bars with narrow tips. Not like the wider ones on a standard chainsaw.

While you’re still new to chainsaw engraving, you’ll probably need your design drawn out for reference. This will allow you to put more concentration into the chainsaw operation. When you have become more experienced, then you may not need a drawn design. You will be more able to visualize the project at hand.

Keep it simple at first. You will later be able to perform more complex chainsaw engraving with lots of practice. These long hours of practice will make you more comfortable with the equipment and wood types.

To Begin Chainsaw:

If you want to begin chainsaw engraving as a hobby or activity you’ll need some particular equipment. This would include the chainsaw of course and a safety helmet. You will always need to use face shielding or safety goggles at the least. Wear protective gloves and clothing. Chaps are the recommendation for safety clothing. Steel-toe boots are also important safety criteria. You will also need chalk or pen markers, ground stakes or sandbags, wood grade sandpaper, wood oil and a good set of woodcarving knives and chisels.

You have all of the proper equipment now you will want to follow instructions. If there are instructions you do not understand, stop, cut off chainsaw and get clarification. The old saying about “blood, sweat and tears,” definitely has no place in chainsaw engraving. The sweat and even some tears are fine, but you don’t want to lose any blood on this project.

The First Thing You’ll Want To Do:

Now that you’re ready to start chainsaw engraving is secure the log. Most of the wood in chainsaw engraving is stumps, still in the ground. If they are just logs, you’ll want to use ground stakes or sandbags to secure them. Try to mark out your design as much as possible on the wood. Try to use the grain of the wood with the design. Remember, chainsaw engraving is supposed to be artistic.

Stand in a comfortable, but stable stance when chainsaw engraving. You don’t want to lose your balance. Carve out your rough idea of the design, but don’t dig in too deeply. Working in small sections