Engravings add character and beauty to any item, and it is one way of personalizing things. Engraving involves the process of carving a structure by designing incisions into the hard surface usually through carving grooves. This results in a beautiful object that is very decorative and unique. Materials like silver, gold, wood, copper, and relief print block may be engraved. Although it requires certain materials and skills to be done, engraving is a skill that is wonderful to know.

What you Need to know about Engraving

The Engraving Process:

The scientific process of engraving involves using a burin or steel to cut the chosen design into the surface. A burin is used because it is capable of creating a steady appearance and creates the design with clean edges. When it comes to harder areas, a different tool needs to be used. This usually calls for the Florentine liner tool that is capable of engraving multiple engravings.

Engraving uses two types of gravers-the flat and the round graver. The former is used for fill work on letters while the latter is used in certain materials such as silver, nickel, and steel. The round gravers are especially popular for the bright cuts they make. If a texturing effect is desired, tools such as roulets, mezzotint rockers, and burnishers are used.

Engravings are particularly useful in paintings, postage stamps, walls, and other items that need to be personalized. Here are several types of engravings and their descriptions.

1. Modern

These are engravings done by hand and are usually used in firearms, weaponry, musical instrument, and jewelry. It is also useful in industrial purposes such as Intaglio plates.

2. Laser

Laser is an easier and a new method in engraving. A laserable material can only be used, and this includes polymer, alloys, plastic, coated metals, stones, glass, and wood. It is capable of producing clean edges and is very easy to do.

3. Music

Music engraving involves drawing music notations. In the past, music sheets were printed on onionskin paper which makes it easy to rectify any mistakes. Now, as technology improves, hand engraving has become a thing of the past. Computers can easily make engraving easier and faster. An orchestral score can easily be printed through some types of computer programs.

Any type of engraving will surely add a touch of personality to any item you desire. Whether it is for your home or office, you will surely get a unique and beautiful décor.